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DUDE: A Zine on Transmasculinity and Sex

Do you have questions about trans men? Are you confused as to the definitions of transgendered and cisgendered? 

Then check out this free zine!

Please note that there’s some nudity in the magazine, so it’s probably not safe for work.

DUDE is a short read (twenty-four pages) on a variety of things you may want to know about trans men. Learn more about gender identity versus sexual identity, preferred pronouns and terms for trans men, questions you can ask trans men (and questions you should keep to yourself!), and enjoy a series of essays by transguys on a number of intriguing subjects.

Great photo for the cover. Indicative of the great content inside!

Even though this blog is supposed to be partially about gender, I’ve really been focusing on cis women. In the future as I learn more I’m hoping to feature more posts by genderqueer artists and artists who focus on gender identity. (And if you have any suggestions they would be welcome!)

For now, I hope you guys click through and enjoy this great zine!

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