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Winslow Homer’s Tumultuous Seas and Passive Women (via Visual Tidbits for the Culturally Curious)

This is a great post on Winslow Homer’s depiction of men and women in his work. It has a particularly interesting discussion of how Homer creates the sense of water as a place for men and a volatile place for women.

I’ve never reblogged anything on WordPress before, but this is such a great read I just had to share. Click through!

This post is really a shameless plug for my own research, but hopefully you’ll find it somewhat interesting.  I’m giving a presentation for SCU’s annual Art History Symposium this week about Winslow Homer (an American painter from the late 19th century) and the sexual politics revealed in his seascapes.  Amidst the pinnacle of the women’s suffrage movement, Homer painted a series of large seascapes showcasing fishermen and women from Northeastern … Read More

via Visual Tidbits for the Culturally Curious


  1. Wow, I’m really flattered to be your only WordPress reblog! Thanks for reading, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I just read through some of your stuff, and like it a lot. I could not possibly be more bummed to be in Chicago right now and unable to go to the Guerrilla Girls event.

    Happy writing!

    • I really loved the post (and your whole blog really!). Thanks for clicking over to mine! That’s disappointing that you can’t go to the Guerrilla Girls event, but Chicago’s a great city for art, they hopefully have reason to return in the future. I contacted pretty much everyone I know in Chicago trying to get them to go!

      I also read some of your other blogs, it’s so cool that you were an intern at the art institute! I hope that you get a great job at the art nonprofit of your dreams 😀


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