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Women in Art: Pin-Up Artists Pearl Frush, Joyce Ballantyne, and Zoë Mozert

I’m a little late to the party on this, but I just ran across a great article on three women pin-up artists, Pearl Frush, Joyce Ballantyne, and  Zoë Mozert.

I don’t know about you, but I assumed that the most successful pin-up artists were men. Apparently this wasn’t the case! These three successful artists had prolific careers making high quality pin-up art and performing at the same level (or higher!) as their male peers.

A pin-up girl by Pearl Frush

A pin-up girl by Pearl Frush

Joyce Ballantyne's women were intended to be less intentionally sexy than other pin-ups.

Joyce Ballantyne’s women were intended to be situationally sexy.

A pin-up by Zoe Mozert

A pin-up by Zoe Mozert

Check out the article! It offers background on these artists, positioning their work within the larger field of pin-up and discussing themes found in their images. Frush, Ballantyne, and Mozert led interesting lives, and the article dives a little into the preservation (or lack thereof) of the work of these women artists.

If you’re looking for more pin-up art you might be interested in these side by side comparisons of pin-up illustrations and photos of the models posing for them.

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