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New Bird Paintings!

New bird oil paintings! 6" x 6" on panel with gold leaf.

New bird oil paintings! 6″ x 6″ on panel with gold leaf. Three parrots and a bluejay.

Finally posting some new bird paintings! Parrots have been popular lately. They’re incredibly fun to paint with their bright feathers and intelligent expressions.

Of this bunch, the orange parrot is a commission, the upper right green parrot is my half of an art trade, and the bluejay is headed to an exhibit of small works (more on that soon!)

The lower left parrot is still available! This piece is titled “Green Parrot Beauty Shot” and is currently for sale in RIT’s Shop One² for $65.

Bird oil paintings. Parrots and a bluejay.

Me and my flock!

The goldfinch peeking out on the right is shown in progress, and was also made for an art trade. I’ll post some of the great art trades I’ve received soon! I’m lucky to be friends with so many talented artists.

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