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Gender Representation in Art Galleries: Micol Hebron’s “Gallery Tally”

Artist Micol Hebron’s current project, Gallery Tally, counts the gender ratios of art gallery rosters. This crowd-sourced projects has artists count the number of men and women represented by a gallery and create posters representing those numbers.

A poster by Melanie Pak for the Van Der Plas Gallery in NY. 93% men, 7% women.

A poster by Melanie Pak for the Van Der Plas Gallery in NY. 93% men, 7% women.

MFA programs are 65% to 75% women, but the current gallery system is 70% men. Actual quotes from gallerists asked by Hebron about gender ratios in their galleries:

  • “Women do not have the same drive or passion for their art as men do — they are not willing to die for their passions.”
  • “Women are not as prominent in the art world because they become mothers.”
  • “We don’t have that many women artists, but we do have a gay artist — does that count?”

And some bonus Facebook comments from the Hyperallergic interview (If you couldn’t guess, these are both older, white men):

SadWhiteBoy1 SadWhiteBoy2

It’s sad to see so many people who, even when confronted with cold, hard facts, are completely unable to see things from another point of view. Bonus points to these guys for pulling out the good old “But maybe men are just better!” argument, as well as shoehorning in a complaint about political correctness and that oh so scary feminist agenda. Watch out men! Feminists are everywhere and they’re coming for youuuuuuuu!

Read an interview with Hebron at Hyperallergic and check out the Gallery Tally on tumblr! Get out there and count some rosters, make some posters, and point out the ridiculously unfair gender representations in today’s gallery market. As for me? I have some gallery rosters to take a look at…

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