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I attend Rochester Institute of Technology, not necessarily the place you would expect an art student to go. It’s not that our school isn’t a great place to go for the arts, it’s that many times the art department is overshadowed by our more well-known technology departments. RIT’s working to rebrand themselves as a school blending creativity and technology, however, and I’m excited to watch it happen.

Since going to RIT I’ve noticed something I didn’t encounter as frequently back home, the insulting attitude towards the arts. I don’t want this to sound like a complaint, it’s interesting to meet people with different ideas than mine, yet the widespread nature of this superior attitude I find from, say, computer science or engineering majors is baffling to me.

This represents my lack of value in society or something!

This is a figure drawing I did in class. Such a stereotypical thing for us pretentious artists/hipsters/society moochers (or whatever people think of artists!) to do.

The arguments people have against artists (particularly art students) usually go something like this…

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